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Collar Color Code

Nov 02, 2018

We are so tired of hearing stories about people who randomly approach other people’s dogs and assume they can pet them. The owners even ask them NOT to approach and the stranger does it anyway – often saying “oh, dogs love me, it’s okay”. Why does everyone think they have doggie magic and dogs won’t bite them?

I remember being taught from a very young age NOT to pet someone else’s dog without permission. I even forgot that rule once and was promptly bitten – lesson learned the hard way. So we have a solution…

For those of you who have ridden horses in the show ring you are taught not to come behind a horse with a red ribbon on their tail because the horse will kick. If you do ride up on this horse and you are kicked then it is your fault because the message was clear and you ignored it.

So if dogs were to wear color coded collars then the stranger would have a clear, universal sign about the dog’s temperament. Green collar means ‘safe to approach’, yellow collar means ‘in training, not predictable’ and the red collar means ‘DO NOT approach under any circumstances’.

The biters could even wear a vest with lettering on it that says ‘DO NOT APPROACH!!’ I don’t know how long it will take for the world to catch on but something has to be done. Should we start a ‘Collar Color Code Campaign’? What do you think?

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