Dilute Calico

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Dilute Calico
Nov 02, 2019
Sheena had a very rough start but fast forward to 2 years later - she's ready to be the best and sweetest lap cat at a forever home that can care for her permanently.

When Sheena was first trapped from the colony in 2016 for spay surgery, she went into respiratory arrest when premedicated for the surgery. After caring hospitalization and treatments, Sheen recovered but had to fight a ton of infections which have been cleared with doses of antibiotics. She is unfortunately tested positive for feline leukemia, but that doesn't stop the tough cookie from living her best life possible for 2 years now when she was only expected to live for a few months due to her rough conditions from the beginning. Sheena is now clear of infections and is on Interferon to help with her leukemia conditions. 

Here's what you can expect from sweet Sheena: Two weeks of shyness in a hidden spot so she can observe your habits and see whether her new home is safe for her. She will slowly get out of her shell and start hanging out with you (especially if you have treats). Once she gets comfortable, she will follow you around, find her place on your lap once you get on the couch 8 times out of 10. She loves gentle cuddles, check rubs and will purr for more and more.  Eventually, she will open up for some belly rubs! When it's breakfast or dinner time, she will "meow" in the cutest possible way. 

Even though she is shy to begin with, Sheena welcomes petting from friendly guests she has never met before. Sheena is a calm cat and she is looking for a quiet home where there is minimal stress. For a brief time, Sheena had a young foster brother who was also tested feline leukemia positive but unfortunately they had to be separated because he was too active for Sheena. If you have a calm feline leukemia positive cat, it is likely that Sheena would appreciate his/her company since she once was living in a colony with other feline friends.

Even though Sheena is currently on medication due for her feline leukemia, she is easy to care for and has been as healthy as possible for the past 6 months since her spay and oral surgeries in February 2018. She would be a great addition to a patient, quiet family where she can be appreciated for how great of a lap cat she is! 

Sheena's foster life is documented on Instagram @sheenas.fostergram (www.instagram.com/sheenas.fostergram) managed by foster mom who have been enjoying her company since October 2017! Have a scroll through the page and you'll see how much Sheena has come through! In addition to her online presence, Sheena came third in a pet food contest and won free food for a year!

This girl needs the right manager to take her celebrity to the next level, and continue her career as an Instagram influencer! Note: this is an unpaid intern position, but includes many benefits such as lap sitting and the occasional belly rub tickets. A once in a life-time position, apply now!
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