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Domestic Long Hair

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Domestic Long Hair
Oct 03, 2019
Whitey is a long-haired, silky-white and cream CARMA rescue. He\'s led a tough life. While living rough outside, Whitey was hit by a car. Somehow, he survived without medical attention. However, he has persistent weakness in his back right leg and a permanent head tilt. Coordination is an ongoing struggle. But Whitey is a survivor. He says that his all-time favourite song is Stayin\' Alive. He says it\'s his theme song.

\"As long as I\'m stayin\' alive, I have hope,\" says Whitey. \"For a while, I had a hard life living outside. I was hungry—a lot. But I always had my brother, Pete, with me. Good thing, because I look kind of funny sometimes, especially when I\'m trying to play. And I really can\'t jump. I wipe out. I was lucky that I always had Pete to help me out.\"

Whitey and Pete were rescued by CARMA in January 2017.

\"It sure was nice to get in out of the cold,\" Whitey says. \"We thought things were going to get a lot better. But then we discovered that Pete had heart disease. He got sicker and sicker, and then the bad thing happened.\"

Whitey lost his brother Pete in early February 2017.

\"I didn\'t know what to do after that,\" says Whitey. \"I couldn\'t eat. I couldn\'t move. I was hopeless.\"

Enter Gelato, a burnt-orange CARMA rescue who hunched in the back of his cat condo and avoided all contact with cats or humans.

\"Honestly, he was the skinniest, shyest kid I\'ve ever met,\" Whitey says. \"I didn\'t even notice him at first because I was missing Pete so much. But the CARMA people put us together and he helped me, and I think I helped him, too. He still won\'t talk to people. He curls up and freezes. He needs to learn trust. But when people aren\'t around, he plays like a kitten. He rolls around in front of me until I play with him. He makes me laugh, and I know I make him laugh, too—especially when I go skidding across the floor after some toy he\'s just thrown.\"

\"Staying alive hasn\'t been easy for Gelato or me,\" says Whitey. \"But we\'ve made it this far. We just want a place where we can be ourselves and where we belong. A place where we don\'t have to work so hard at staying alive.\"

If you are interested in adopting Whitey and Gelato please contact us at

The adoption fee is $200 for the bonded pair.
New Brunswick
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E3B 1K8
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