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Domestic Medium Hair

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Domestic Medium Hair
Nov 02, 2019
The weather was beastly cold when The Last Chance Cat Ranch rescued a cat in deplorable condition in February, 2019. He was severely matted, suffering from frost-bite and starving. Matted cats cannot get warm or stay warm. Fur in that state has no insulating properties. Once he was at the vet clinic, he was shaved. It took several weeks of rest for him to recuperate. During that time, the tips of his ears fell off. Clearly he'd been someone's pet for a time because he was already neutered and had exceptional social skills. Sadly, no one came looking for Robbie and he was subsequently transferred to the PAW Society.

Robbie tested positive for Feline Immunodefiency Virus. "FIV" is only like human AIDS in the sense that they both affect the immune system. But cats with FIV can live a normal lifespan without the life-long medications that humans are required to take. FIV positive cats' immune systems are compromised but like any other cat, they will do well in an indoor-only home with proper care. FIV positive cats are especially susceptible to respiratory illnesses and care should be taken to keep them away from sick cats. Once it has been established that an FIV positive cat will not interact aggressively with other cats, it is fine for him to share his home - including food bowls and litter boxes - with other cats.


Robbie is "such a happy-go-lucky little guy" says his foster mom. When he gets up from his little bed in the morning, he chirps and peeps, talking to himself or to anyone who will listen. He greets the other cats as if to say "Good morning! What a beautiful day!" He keeps himself very clean. He sits on a little bench and politely waits for his meals - never demanding. He likes to perch at a window and watch the birds. But mostly, he wants a human friend. Someone he can gaze at with adoration, greet when they arrive home, snuggle with and tell them about his day (in his adorable little voice). Robbie discovered that he can love again and we discovered a little gem.

NOTE: The writer has had an FIV foster cat living in her home (shared with other cats) for over ten years and he has been zero risk to his feline roommates because he has no interest in fighting.

FIV is spread through deep bite wounds. That's why un-neutered, male cats living outdoors are prone to viruses such as FIV...and why neutering cats is critical to reduce territorial fighting. Read more about co-habitating FIV positive cats and FIV negative cats here:
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T1H 2J2
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