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Domestic Medium Hair

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Domestic Medium Hair
Nov 02, 2019
Batman really is a good kitty. He is very opinionated and quirky, he loves attention and will come running when you call his name. He is very affectionate and is a total lap cat. He is good with other cats but takes time to adjust to change. He is good with kids and visitors. He is a great boy with lots of personality but he has issues that he will probably have for the rest of his life and needs a family that understands that.

Batman is quite a special kitty. He was hit by a car and sustained serious injuries. He suffered a broken pelvis and required his tail be amputated. These injuries have left him with some permanent nerve damage that affects his digestive tract and still causes him pain. He has mild megacolon that requires him to be on an inexpensive medication, lactulose, that is given with meals twice daily. He also needs to be on an easily digestible food that is readily available to him, a few veterinary diets have worked very well for him. He also has some lasting chronic pain which is treated with a pain medication given 3 times a day. Also due to the lasting affects of his injuries, he is sensitive about his hind end and stomach, so unfortunately no bum pats for him but he loves head pats and neck rubs.

Bruce has had a few urinary tract infections since being with SCAT but has not been positive for any in the last year, we still check his urine at his annual check up and watch for signs that he could have one. Because of nerve damage, defecating can be painful for him at times so he does like to have a few options for litter boxes, he is also pee pad trained but he still likes to try and wait until his fosters get home to have his pee. Always having fresh water or a water fountain has encouraged him to drink more and to pee more consistently.

Bruce really is a very affectionate, loving character that just wants a home of his own. He will shower his family in kitty love and be a great feline companion. We think he would adjust fine to calm dogs.

If you think you might be the one to give this handsome boy the attention and love he deserves, contact us for more information.
Estimated date of birth is October 11, 2008
Postal Code
S7H 2V7
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