Domestic Short Hair

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Domestic Short Hair
Oct 03, 2019
Big Cindee- who is not so big so we call her “Little Big Cindee”- is a lovely independent teenaged kitten that lures you in with her sweet face and tiny meows. She is sleek and adorable, everyone who visits the Centre comments on how cute she is. She enjoys being around people and she will come and rub against you and give you tiny licks, asking for pets- but you need to watch as she is often a “three pat cat”. Sometimes she engages in longer petting sessions when she is feeling particularly lovely but in general three pat cats are ones that can be over stimulated by lots of petting. When over stimulated Big Cindee will give bites or scratches- she doesn’t intend to hurt you but you can almost see the energy build in her when you pet her and she can’t help herself- so a home that can read her body language and be aware and comfortable with her quirks is a must!
She likes to be around people and is fine socializing with other cats, she is confident and either pays other cats little attention or she will engage in play with some but hasn’t taken to cuddling/grooming the others here at the Centre. Big Cindee has not been exposed to dogs but so long as they give her space we think she would be fine.
Big Cindee would do best in a home that has very little piled/exposed fabric (blankets, cat beds) and where things are busy. She has a history of inappropriate urination (one spare beds, or in a pile of cats beds) that is being managed with medication and being in a busier environment (the Centre) but she may be tempted if the right spot presents again like she was when we had a pile of cat beds- once those beds were gone we have not had any other issues.
Big Cindee is definitely looking for a unique home but we know that the right home is out there- if you think you might be her forever family please apply today- or come meet her at the SCAT Centre Tues-Sat 11-4pm!

Big Cindee\'s estimated date of birth is April 7, 2018.
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S7H 2V7
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