Domestic Short Hair

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Domestic Short Hair
Oct 03, 2019
So, you know what dogs are like, right? They are playful, energetic, love affection from their family, love to be involved, seek attention, want to be with you always. Well, meet the cat equivalent!

Socks is a beautiful, sleek 4 year old male who seeks to be your loving companion. He thinks he’s a dog, for real. He follows you from room to room, with curiosity and a desire to participate in everything. Whatever you do, he expects the two of you to do it together.

Socks needs lots of engagement, entertainment and PLAY TIME! He’s not the “I’ll just get something to cuddle” type of cat that you can leave to his own devices and expect him to entertain himself. He will, to a degree, but he wants YOU to play with him. He meows at you to ask what the two of you are going to do together next.

He loves toys! He likes to play fetch most of the time, but expects you to follow him to where he caught the toy, and then throw it from there (the retrieve part of the game needs some work). Sometimes he’ll fling his toys around the room, but there are moments he very clearly wants you to participate. He also likes the feather toy on a string and goes nuts for the laser pointer. You certainly have a playmate in Socks!!

Socks enjoys climbing things, and definitely needs a scratching post. He enjoys lounging in a cat bed when he isn’t with you, and also likes to look out the window, so make sure he has a good view.

Socks would prefer to be the only animal in the house. His home should be adults only, and you have to be gentle with him as he was abused by a child in his past. He was surrendered due to allergies, and is now seeking his furrever home.
The following profile represents a cat currently available for adoption through Team Cat Rescue. To learn more about them, or apply for adoption, please visit and submit an Adoption Application Form
Adoption fee is $175 per adult cat unless stated otherwise. Includes spay/neuter, vaccination and microchip. We do not have a shelter. We are foster based with a few cats located in selected stores. We do not adopt outside of Ontario.
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M4C 1H0
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