Domestic Short Hair

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Domestic Short Hair
Oct 03, 2019
Meet Jessica! Here is what her foster has to say about her:

Jessica is a gorgeous calico cat, with the biggest eyes and warmest heart. From what we know of her past, Jessica is approximately 3 years old, has jumped from home to home, and has done time on the inside (of pet stores). So, like her mid-day leisure routine, Jessica’s life prior to living in our home is shrouded in mystery. When Jessica first arrived at our home, she underwent an extended adjustment period while she was becoming comfortable with her surroundings and with us. At first, Jessica was extremely skittish and quick to run and hide at sudden movements or loud noises. As her anxieties with her new home began to lessen, it was clear Jessica wanted love, but probably due to her past, she didn’t know what love was or how to accept it. For the first few months, Jessica commonly expressed affectionate gestures including rubbing up against our legs, purring, and asking to be petted. At the same time, she still seemed nervous and would sometimes reward our love with a quick swipe of a paw. Overtime however, her nervousness, and untrusting behaviours began to lessen.

Now, Jessica is comfortable with her surroundings and us, and she has blossomed into a very social cat, who loves to be in the same room as us. Commonly, she will run down to the door to greet us when we arrive home! Jessica is a quirky, chatty cat, with her favourite activities including chasing balls, playing with strings, playing cat and mouse under bed covers, being scratched with wooden objects (wooden backscratcher is her go to) and rubbing her head on sharp corners of tables?!? When she is finished with playtime, she loves to rehydrate with numerous, open mouth, squirts of water from a squirt bottle.
Jessica has made great strides with her behaviour and does not display any aggressive tendencies. On occasion, she has scratched my hand during playtime. This is most likely because she doesn\'t understand the difference between her toys and a hand. So, during playtime, be aware and make use of long strings for play and long pieces of wood to pet her. For these reasons, the ideal home for Jessica would be a quiet home, without kids or other animals. Additionally, Jessica would benefit greatly from living with humans who have previously owed a cat, and are familiar with cat behaviours and can identify the physical signs of stress. As time progresses, Jessica becomes more comfortable, and her stressful behaviours lessen. Jessica is a loving cat who, up to this point, hadn’t received many chances to live a stress-free life. If you take a chance on her and provide her with the home she deserves, I know you will fall in love with her the same way we have.

If you are interested in adopting Jessica, please contact us at The adoption fee is $125 for one and $200 for two.
New Brunswick
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E3B 1K8
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