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Domestic Short Hair

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Domestic Short Hair
Oct 24, 2019
Poor wee tikes, dumped in the country side sometime around August 10, 2019. Who knows what these little fellows went through as they made their way to safety - or how long it took them. Luckily, they managed to make their way to a cat-friendly acreage. The owners contacted their surrounding neighbours to see if anyone had lost a couple of kittens. No one had. The two little fellows dove into the food and over the next ten days regained their strength. Their rescuers then contacted PAW as the acreage is in the process of being sold and so the kittens were at risk of being homeless again.

Flint, named that because he's a little spark, is quite outgoing. Foster mom says he is a "little house panther, full of energy and imagination, always looking for adventure". He has white patches other than the obvious one on his chest, but you have to look for them, she says. And he expects her to find them by petting and playing with him. He is a new technology kitty - no switch - he is touch-controlled. One touch and on goes the purr motor. He loves your attention but when he's tuckered out, a little cuddle spot next to you sends him off to his happy place in dreamland.
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T1H 2J2
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