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Domestic Short Hair

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Domestic Short Hair
Nov 02, 2019
Baby shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo
Baby shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo
Baby shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo
Baby shark!

Given the adorable nickname because she’s cute as a button but sometimes she bites. At first we thought Big Cindee had an attitude problem and that’s why she’d bite us when we touched her, but soon realized that it seemed to only happen if we touched below her neck. We decided to have further consultations with a vet and Big Cindee was diagnosed with “Feline Hyperesthesia” or “rolling skin disease”. In the simplest of terms it means when we (or anything) touch below her neck it feels like it’s hurting her. This pain is now managed with a daily medication that helps keep her feeling much better- she’s even playing with the other cats on occasion! She is the longest standing “SCAT Centre Kitty” at this time Big Cindee came into SCAT’s care at only 4 months and is now 1.5 years of age

Big Cindee also has had issues in the past with inappropriate urination- we think it was related to the feline hyperesthesia as well, but she still is taking a daily medication for that as well- she takes both her medications crushed in a bit of wet foo happily so don’t worry about pilling her!

Now you’ve heard the “concerns” and if you have made it this far yay! Big Cindee is truly a very special cat, while she’s not the cuddliest or most unique looking kitty in the world she is going to steal your heart if you let her. She is amazing with other cats, unless they bully her but she’s never been the instigator here at the SCAT Centre even with dozens of cats of all ages and temperaments coming through the doors during her time with us. Each morning she sits at the desk of the Centre Manager to ask for face pets- and she loves a good face pet, eye rubs are encouraged, just watch out for that neck line. Then she is content to pop up to her bed above the desk and sleep the day away (except at lunch then she’s a quick moving little chonk!) until things seem to be winding down then she comes back for some more pets. She is the lowest maintenance “high maintenance” cat- she would be perfect for a home where someone works from home as she’s a great office mate without being annoying.

Because of her hyperesthesia we wouldn’t recommend she go to a home with young kids who wouldn’t understand that we can’t touch her back, but children who are able to respect her boundaries are ok. Big Cindee’s ideal home will embrace her quirks and understand that she is a special girl in need of a special home- we are willing to look as long as we need as we know the right home is out there for every cat! Apply to meet Big Cindee today!
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