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Domestic Short Hair

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Domestic Short Hair
Nov 24, 2019
Jean-Claude is a big, strong and purr-fectly healthy boy who has been neutered, tested for Feline Leukemia and vaccinated. He is ready to adopt and must go to a home with another cat to keep him company. He loves to play rough and wrestle with his sisters, and with the adult cats at the rescue. He is adorable when he feels like cuddling, and will let you rub his belly and toes.
Link to young French kittens photo album on Facebook - WARNING - GRAPHIC PHOTOS
These kittens were rescued from horrible conditions and had a terrible upper respiratory infection which caused the girls' eyes to be sealed shut with pus when they were first rescued. Jean-Claude only had a minor Upper Respiratory infection compared to the sisters. When they were rescued, he weighed twice as much as his littermates!
The kittens came from a property that is rather isolated in the country. The gentleman started feeding stray cats and they did what came naturally, breeding! He is being evicted from his uninhabitable home, and he finally reached out for help because he didn't know programs existed. When he got in touch with me, there were over a dozen adult cats and three litters of kittens. Myself and other volunteers help trap the adult cats and I took the kittens home with me. The first litter of kittens were already 10 weeks old and they had a horrible case of fleas, feline lice, ear mites, roundworm and tapeworm. They got cleaned up and went into foster with my friend Karen. Their names are Heloise, Marcel, Pierre and Theodore. We also got some older kittens that were over 6 months old, Solange and Sophia who were in Foster with Marta.
Then one day I returned to get some adult cats and the caretaker told me that he was in the cellar and saw one kitten stick its head out from underneath a furnace that hadn't been used in 40 or 50 years. So we gathered all four of them up and rush them to the vet. I'm so grateful that the Russell Lake Animal Hospital is open on Sundays, because we were able to clean them up and get them started on antibiotics and eye ointment right away. Until that day, nobody even knew that Jean-Claude, Helene, Sarah and Marie even existed, so nobody purposely abused them. It's just that their mother cat was not spayed or vaccinated and they were in horrible living conditions with feces and urine and mold, so they couldn't help but succumb to the upper respiratory infection that affected their eyes.

Our fee is $200 per kitten, and we get them tested for feline leukaemia, vaccinated three times, microchipped and spayed.
If you are interested in adopting Jean-Claude, please call Sonya at 902-469-6369 for a pre-screening interview, prior to emailing for an application. Please be patient, as my days are very busy and I don't always have time to respond to phone or email messages.
Nova Scotia
Postal Code
B2W 4L4
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