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Domestic Short Hair

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Domestic Short Hair
Dec 26, 2019
Meet Miss Murphy! She is a reserved little lady rescued from a regional cat hoarding situation by the NBSPCA. As a youngster in a household of nearly 200 cats, her time with human contact was likely quite limited. Due to that situation, she remains quiet but not invisible.

She has certain tendencies that have shown themselves since entering her foster home in March, none of which are a problem if you know to expect it!

1. Prefers gentlemen - she has made up to her foster-dad really well and misses him the most if he goes out for the day, which means she happily tolerates attention from her foster-mom for the short time he's gone. It could just be his beard and all she sees is a big kitten that needs her help!

2. Ask permission - she doesn't like it if you just walk up and start petting her, she will leave, so ask first, then pet, and all is good and you are rewarded with little purrs and biscuit making!

3. Must haves - you will need to have a carpet or scratching post. She loves to shred and ignores the furniture. Get a broom, as she enthusiastically digs in her litter box, so expect litter on the floor.

4. Water - she, like the resident cats, has come to expect a glass of water on the coffee table during movie night. She is happy to sit on the nearby perch and watch movies with you.

5. No bells please - she likes to play in the evenings with soft and silent toys, feather sticks, and kicker sticks, and will briefly chase and then fall over on the red dot. Feeling she has defeated that spotty foe, she doesn't bother to chase it again until tomorrow.

6. Food related anxiety - She doesn't gobble food or eat very much at once but does get anxious if the dish is completely emptied by another cat. She will shoulder aside a cat twice her size so that she can have a little bit of his food.

7. Lucky #7 - you made it this far, and so has Miss Murphy. At first glance, she may not seem very sociable, but everyday, her "peopling" skills increase. She is quite content to sit on her window perch and watch the world and the people and cats around her. She likes to cuddle with the other cats and is not aggressive with them. She will actively seek attention from her foster-dad, and accepts it if foster-mom asks first. All of this leads us to believe that it is just a matter of the right furever home with people that accept her as she is now, and continue to love and encourage this quiet (except when she is sleeping, she snores like bear) little lady.

If you are interested in adopting Murphy, please contact us at The adoption fee is $125 for one and $200 for two.
New Brunswick
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E3B 1K8
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