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Domestic Short Hair

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Domestic Short Hair
Jan 06, 2020
Bagheera has come a long way from when he arrived at his foster home. He is a big boy to begin with, but could stand to lose a few pounds. Bagheera's coat is sleek black with some white on his chest and lower belly.

When he arrived at his foster home he was terrified and it took 3 people to move him from one transportation cage to his larger enclosure. He would hiss, growl, swipe and was a few weeks before his foster mom was able to attempt touching him with, of all things, a back scratcher! That's when she learned that Bagheera really enjoyed being petted and would arch his back into the scratcher. Soon after that he stopped swatting at the scratcher and he stopped biting it. Within a couple weeks his foster mom could pet him on his head and shoulders and he would roll around, into the scratcher for more attention. Then he accepted the touch of a human hand- that was a big celebration! After that contact there was no stopping his progress. Bagheera eagerly climbs into his foster mom's lap for cuddles and even head butts for more attention. He is now comfortable moving around the house and he likes dogs and really likes other cats. Bagheera regularly watches evening TV on the couch with his foster family, often curled their arms and always within petting distance. This boy has become such a cuddle bug, it seems he cannot get enough attention.

Bagheera has become quite close to his foster family, having accepted all members as his own, but he remains very mistrustful of strangers and needs to be approached slowly and on a one to one basis, along with his foster mom. Anyone coming to meet Bagheera and Joonie needs to understand that 2-leggeds must earn Bagheera's trust, it is not blindly given. But once that trust is earned, Bagheera will shower his people with undying love and affection...he will get underfoot just for a head scratch and he will make sure you are never cold as he snuggles into your side or on top of you like a cat blanket. Bagheera has lost a couple pounds and is looking much trimmer, although he is still a large boy...he is also getting over a uti and will need to be on special urinary food, probably for the rest of his life...a bag of that food will be provided when he is adopted...with the right family giving him a chance, they will not be disappointed by this beautiful, loving boy.
Bagheera is getting accustomed to meeting new people and warms up to them quickly. If someone has been petting him and they move away, he could swat at them, but not with his claws- it's as if he's saying he wasn't finished being petted and doesn't want the person to go away. This behaviour can be misinterpreted as aggression, but it is not aggressive.

Bagheera has not been exposed to young children so we don't know how easily he will get used to them. He would do particularly well in a home where someone is around much of the time as he thrives under affection. Bagheera would do best ina home as an only cat or with one other cat.

If you are interested in adopting Bagheera, please contact us at The adoption fee is $125 for one and $200 for two.
New Brunswick
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E3B 1K8
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