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Domestic Short Hair

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Domestic Short Hair
Jan 07, 2020
Gene Kelly was a stray for about a month and the people feeding him were getting worried because he kept showing up hungry and injured
They managed to confine him and we picked him up
Vet check showed that his tail had wound full of puss
The vet flushed the wound and had it cleaned
X-ray also showed that his tail was broken before but now it's healed
However his back can be sensitive sometimes

Gene Kelly is friendly with people and enjoys pets and interactions
Gene is a very playful one and will put on a performance when he chooses to play “catch the mousey”
He also likes bunny kicking any toys (or your feet) that he can catch :-D
Gene will enjoy a family who can provide him lots of playtime

With other cats, Gene Kelly is the confident male alpha that likes to let other cats know that he is the boss :-D
But he does have a gentle side with certain ones
Gene had taken on the role of big brother to Braid (adopted), a young male cat that he shared the same room with.
They liked to play wrestle together and just hang out

Gene Kelly is a lovely big boy overall
He is active and laid back at the same time
He will make a lovely companion and addition to his new home

If you'd like to know more about this gorgeous creature, please visit us during our open houses from noon-2pm on Saturday and Sunday.
British Columbia
Maple Ridge
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