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Domestic Short Hair

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Domestic Short Hair
Jan 07, 2020
*** Please note that the kittens in the photos are from previous years. Please talk to us directly during open house hours (noon-2pm Sat & Sun) to find out if we currently have any kittens available. ***

When we have kittens, our kittens don't live at the shelter. They're in foster homes and will be ready for adoption once they're weaned. If you are interested, please complete the standard pre-adopt form on our web site. We can arrange for you to meet the babies so you can pick out your new family member.

The kittens will need to go to homes where they will have a cat friend to keep them company, to play with them and snooze with them while you're busy. It doesn't necessarily have to be another kitten (though that's ideal), as long as they will have a young feline friend. These are social critters who rely on games with feline pals to learn life skills. Those who grow up without feline company tend to lose the ability to relate to other cats and have a harder time adjusting to the presence of other cats later in life. They can also become overly dependent on you. We also ask that our kittens go to indoor homes for safety from traffic, predators, disease, poisons, and other dangers in the outside world.

Having a kitten is like having a toddler in the house. They'll get into everything and they can keep you up at night by scampering around or pouncing your moving toes under the blankets. You'll need patience and you'll need to kitten-proof your house. Cover the soil of your potted plants, hide delicate ornaments and jewelry, tie back your sheer drapes, keep the toilet lid down and check the washer and dryer before you turn them on. After a year or so, your rambunctious little monster will settle down and become a dignified, inscrutable feline who is content to spend long periods meditating and napping. He or she will need you for the next 15 to 20 years of a cat's life span. So consider where you might be 15 or 20 years from now and be sure your cat can still be with you.

If you're ready to take on a furry baby, please visit us during our open houses from noon-2pm on Saturday and Sunday.
British Columbia
Maple Ridge
Postal Code
V2W 1A4
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