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Egyptian Mau

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Egyptian Mau
Jan 06, 2020
Having just arrived from Egypt on November 2, Zizi Top is having no problem at all getting used to her new environment.

This is one superwoman of cat! Long, lean, large (for a female Mau) and mighty, this uber confident girl is a human climber. She likes the view from the top. :) Don't worry, she is very gentle. She just loves and trusts her human so much, she wants to be all over you! This is likely because she, along with her sister Queenie, were found on the streets of Egypt at such a young age, they had to be hand fed. As a result, they are completely trusting of their human parents.

Zizi is a stunning spotted tabby Mau. Vocal and graceful, she is a beauty to watch as she is the epitome of elegance in motion.

She has a powerful presence and cannot help but be noticed when she walks into a room. Very friendly and engaging, Zizi is better with humans than cats. Because of this, she is best in a house as the only cat. So self-assured is she, she does not need the company of another cat. She also wants her humans all to herself. She doesn't care to share them with anyone.

This mesmerizing young lady is spayed, microchipped and up to date on her vaccines.

The adoption fee for Zizi is $250 (please see NOTE FROM PINK below. It explains why the cost is higher than adopting a cat locally).

If you are interested in adopting Zizi, please see PINK's Process for Adopting a Pet below.

As we are based in Toronto and we always do a home visit before we adopt any animal out, we can only adopt in the Greater Toronto area. This covers a radius of about a 2 hour drive from Toronto.


1.) If you are interested in adopting a pet, please email us at: to request an adoption application. Please also indicate which animal(s) you are interested in.

2) Once you received the application, please complete, sign and email back to us at the same email address.

3) Once your application is approved, we conduct a home visit. We get to know each other and answer any questions you might have which will hopefully, give us both a better feel as to whether or not your pet of choice is a match for you and your family.

NOTE: If you are inquiring about an animal who has not yet arrived in Canada, we recommend doing the home visit prior to their arrival, if at all possible. That way, after you meet your potential new family member, if you would like to take him/her home, we've already completed the home visit, so we can go straight to arranging a convenient time to bring your new pet home.

4) If the home visit goes well and you would like to proceed to the next step, we will arrange a time for you to meet your potential new family member.

5) If after meeting him/her, you would like to proceed further, please email us at the same email address and we will send you our adoption agreement for you to review.

6) If you agree to the terms, we will then arrange for a mutually convenient time to drop your new family member(s) off. We will also bring two copies of the adoption agreement so we can both sign off on it and each have a copy.

There is always a two week fostering period that rather than just straight adoption. This alleviates you of any pressure for you to feel you have to keep your new family member if it turns out you feel he/she is not the right fit. This is why it is so important to do a home visit beforehand. We try to minimize the chances of this happening as it can be very stressful to the pet. It is a lot of extra work on our part to do this for every animal but it is so very worth it.


A NOTE FROM PINK: The adoption fee for adopting an animal from abroad tends to be higher than adopting locally. This is because there are more costs involved. Things like travel. boarding and flight costs, duties, taxes, and specific government-mandated protocols all hike the cost up. In addition, the cost varies depending on where in Egypt they are coming from. In fact, the adoption fee we ask for does not even cover all expenses as the average cost of bringing a cat runs anywhere between $600 - $850. That is why we hold fundraisers. It helps us to offset the cost. Besides our time, we also personally contribute financially ourselves.

Why do we do this? Because the situation in Egypt and many other countries is so dire for animals, it is beyond comprehension. For us, compassion knows no borders. This is reason enough for us. :)
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