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Nov 19, 2019
LOU has been #fosterdoglou since arriving from a Quebec shelter in March 2017. This wonderful guy is a large (90+ lb), 3-year-old, very handsome Akita mix.

Lou has been searching for an experienced, adult-only family, with lots of time to spend developing a relationship with him. Once you’ve earned loyal Lou's trust, he will never leave your side. You’ll be rewarded with his unconditional love, snuggles and big, wet kisses.

You see, Lou doesn’t always give the best first impression when meeting new people. He is naturally suspicious of strangers, and thinks his job is to protect his family and home. His new family will need to advocate for Lou when out and about – to say ‘no’ to people that want to pet him and to ask for space for Lou. This can be a tough job because people stop all the time to tell him how darn handsome he is!

Lou is completely house- and crate-trained. Although he would prefer you were always home, he is great when left alone in the house. He enjoys his fully-fenced yard to run and play with his family. He loves his toys – especially his stuffed bones, sky ball, squeaky toys and stuffies. In the evening he’d love to play “find-it” and then cozy up on his “place”, since he’s not allowed on the couch.

Lou is a wonderful walking companion and walks great on leash. He always wears his muzzle out and about, and has experience walking on a harness, collar, leash and long lead. He is not reactive to other dogs and has been working on relaxing when strangers approach.

Lou is still working on playing with other dogs, but like with people, he is always most successful when introductions are planned and move s-l-o-w-l-y. Still, Lou would do best as the only pup in the house.

Lou is relaxed in the car, even on long trips. He has taken up swimming and is an avid hiker and camper. He particularly LOVES the winter and prefers his walks a little shorter in the summer. He is a quiet guy but will alert you to visitors at the door, or when it's time to play.

He is treat- and praise-motivated and easy to train. He loves learning new tricks and showing off his skills. This guy knows all his commands and some tricks too!

Lou would love to find a forever family with lots of time to play, play and play. He’d love someone to save him a spot on the couch to relax for the evening. A family where someone is home part of the day would be ideal. A patient, knowledgeable and consistent home is just what Lou needs to continue developing into the relaxed and trusting companion he is proving to be.

Since TAGS is a smaller volunteer program, we are limited to facilitating adoptions only within Durham Region in Ontario. We encourage those applicants who apply out of area to check your local shelters and rescue programs. We are always happy to refer you to a program in your area.
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L1G 7T9
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