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American Bulldog

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American Bulldog
Nov 02, 2019
Hi everyone! my name is Kira. I'm an 8 year old American Bulldog mix and I weigh 60 lbs. I'm in excellent health other than being prone to ear infections if given low quality food. I was rescued by a dog lover a few months ago when she visited a shelter in Orlando, Florida. She brought me home here in Montreal and worked with me quite a lot and made me see just how nice it is to be loved and have a warm and cozy home. I'm a very sweet and loving girl with people. I am dog selective however. I'm crate-trained and can stay home alone with no worries. I'm not a vocal or destructive dog at all. I love my crate and often go nap in it. You don't even need to close the door. I am not a City dog however. All the noises and hustle and bustle of City life make me nervous. my ideal home should be in a very quiet area or in a peaceful place in the Country. Here is what my rescuer has to say about me....

"This is Kira, she was rescued last November along with another dog who was to be euthanized in a high kill shelter in Florida. When we first met Kira, she had shut down, she had no interest in eating or interacting with people, her spirit was broken, who could blame her after being with the same family for 7 years and then abandoned at the shelter. She was so skinny when we first saw her and clearly she had several litters in her life. How could we leave her there?

Once home with us she started to open up and show us her true personality. She had no social skills but because of her wanting to please Kira learned the basics such as sitting, waiting, giving her paw, not going on sofas or beds with out being invited, learned how to play, catch the ball, just learnt that she can use her paws to dig in the snow to find her ball, kisses and she now get along with one of my dogs! Kira just soaks in all the smells during a walk, living the life of dog is something she has grown to love.

Kira is in absolute heaven when she can snuggle with you or just hang out, you can see how much she appreciates having home, you see it in her eyes when she looks at you. Currently Kira lives with 2 dog savvy cats and 2 other dogs but due to her insecurities we never leave them alone, our little dog doesn't trust her and Kira is not a fan of hers either. Because of this, for Kira's safety she should be the only pet in the home and no kids under 16. Kira needs a home with a tall fenced in back yard and someone who clearly understands that Kira shouldn't be put in a situation that she can't handle. We absolutely love her but she deserves to be in a home where she is the queen and not having to share her time with her family."

If you think I'm the dog for you and you're ready to commit to my well-being for the rest of my life, please go to ASAP to download the adoption request form.
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H2L 1R8
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