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American Bulldog

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American Bulldog
Jan 15, 2020
Female, 6 years, American bulldog

Hello world, Maggie here. My foster mom tells me it is time for me to spread my wings and find my forever home and new famjam now that I am healthy.

So a little about me. I love to lean, yes I am a leaner. So i need to make sure there are bigger people around. Littles may not be good for me, I am almost 100% deaf so fast movements that I cannot see or hear or sneaking up on me are not very fun for me. i am UBER smart and have learned some basic commands with hand signals. (sit/down/wait/back it up/come around/come and no) My foster mom will show you all of them.

I am okay in my crate once I get into it, My foster mom has to entice me with treats, but once I am in it and it is covered over I settle down well. I sleep for hours thru the night too. She usually wakes me up…not sure I like that. I wake with a tail wag regardless and sleepy face too. She likes to call me over for a quick cuddle before we go for a walk about in the morning. I wear a coat and boots in this horrible weather. I am from Texas, this is insane! And where are the cowboy boots????

I walk with a limp in my rear right leg so I won’t be a running pal. Walks are lovely and backyard play is cool. I do get the zoomies from time to time in the backyard before and after I go potty. It’s funny!

I love people but need a strong pack leader to guide me. I walk super on lead but not a fan of seeing other dogs yet. Rabbits look like a blast but my foster mom won’t let me get to them. I bark at the window when I see humans walking other dogs, but if the blinds are shut I am pretty quiet. I will tell you when I need to go out. I am smart, did I forget to tell you that?! But based on how I react with other dogs I should be the sole dog in the house.

My foster mom does not have kids but she thinks I will be okay with older kids that understand the rules I need and the signals. I am pretty sure I won’t enjoy cats, they can be too stealthy and I do not like that.

I am all healthy again and need to keep my figure at 30KGs (66-70 lbs) due to my leg issue. I love treats and massages.

My foster mom says I am a super sweet girl with an expression that you just want to laugh at, kiss and schmoosh. That last word is her word, I think she made it up.

Please reach out to BARCs if you have any other questions about me.

I forgot to tell you one other item, I snore…A LOT….and LOUD……

Our rescue is called BARCS. We are a registered Non Profit.
Our Website is All our animals are posted on the website and updated often. If you would like to proceed we need an adoption application to be filled out. They can be found on our website. Once we receive your application, we will contact you to arrange a meeting with the pup you are interested in.
We look forward to hearing from you
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T2A 4B7
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