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Bichon Frise

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Bichon Frise
Jan 02, 2020
Each of our pets is cared for in a private foster home. To meet and possibly adopt this pet, please fill in our online application form at

Name/Tag#: Jolly 3526
Age: Approximately 6 years old
Sex/Altered: Female/ Spayed
Weight: 13 lbs
Breed: Bichon Frise
Foster Home Location: SCARBOROUGH, ON
Adoption Fee: $500.00
Temperament: Cautious at first then curious, happy
Activity/Energy Level: Low
Up to date on Shots: Yes, plus dental done
Housebroken: Work in progress
Crate Trained: Does not use a crate in her foster home
Ok with Dogs: Yes, needs a companion dog
Ok with Cats: No
Ok with Kids: Yes, children 8 years and older who are dog savvy
Origin: Mass breeding facility
Requirements: Someone home most of the day, a companion dog, securely fenced yard

And now, a few words from me:

Hi there, my name is Jolly and my foster mother says I certainly match my new name. I have been told that I have come so far since leaving the mass breeding facility and I have to agree with them. When I first arrived in my foster home, I was so nervous and scared and I wouldn't look my foster parents in the eye. Now, I'm learning what it is like living in a home and I quite like it.

I watched the other dogs in my foster home and saw that they would get treats and cuddles from the people. They were not scared at all and I figured out that I would only get love and attention from them. It took me a little while to realized that when they reached for me it was with a loving gentle hand and I have to say, I really enjoy a good head massage. I now have things I can call my own - I have my own blanket and a toy too, though I haven't really figured out what it is for. I get lots of yummy food to eat and treats too! Now when my foster family goes into the kitchen, I'm right there to see if they are going to share with me.

In the evening my foster mother will pick me up and bring me onto the couch with her and the other dogs. At night I get to sleep on their bed with my blanket. I feel so lucky!

My foster parents tell me that I need to learn to do my business outside and I have discovered that I like being in the backyard and will explore and do my business while I'm out. When they are around most of the day, I don't have any accidents in the home!

I enjoy being in my foster home but I would love to find my own home where there is another dog that I can play with and learn from, someone home most of the day to let me outside and a fully fenced yard that I can run around. If you have a home and family I'm looking for, please put in an application soon.

And now, a few words from my foster mom:

Jolly has come so far since we first brought her home. When she first arrived, she wasn't sure what to do and would run away from us and not make eye contact. Now she knows that we will only give her affection and a gentle touch.

Jolly has figured out the routine in our home. We get up in the morning we take her immediately outside. She does take a few minutes, but will do her business and then sit by the door to be let back inside. Jolly is doing amazing with her potty training. When we are home, she does not have any accidents in the house. She has not figured out how to ask to go outside yet, but with time, she will get it.

When we come home from work, Jolly is so happy to see us that she dances around and lifts one of her paws up as if to say 'hi'. She loves going out in the back yard to explore and the other dogs in the family have taught her to keep all the bunnies and squirrels out of the yard. She has even started to do 'zoomies' around the yard or in the house. We are so happy to see her have fun and enjoy all her new experiences.

Jolly quickly learned that she gets lots of good things to eat. She eats up her dinner and now when we are in the kitchen, she comes right up to us in the hopes of getting a piece of cheese or some other yummy treat. She takes the treats from our hand very gently.

Jolly sleeps in our bed at night. At first she laid between our pillows and would not move and would take some time to feel secure enough to relax. Now she is so comfortable that she ventures down to the end of the bed and lays on her blanket. She is very quiet at night and you would hardly know that she is there.

Jolly has done so well when people come into our home. She easily accepted all the people we had over the Christmas holidays and was curious enough to approach them.

Jolly is not leashed trained yet but with a lot of patience and love, she will figure out that being on a leash and going for walks is a big adventure.

Jolly is looking for a home that has a companion dog that she can learn from, someone home most of the day to help with her potty training and a fully fenced yard so she can continue to enjoy her new found freedom. If you are the family that Jolly is looking for, put in an application soon.

Questions? Contact us at:

For Adoption Application please visit:

We use Patented Kuranda Dog Beds because they are durable, chew proof and easy to clean. If you would like to donate a bed to us, please use this link:

Thank you for considering a rescue dog!
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M1P 4P5
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