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Border Collie
Nov 02, 2019
Eloy is a young Border Collie male mix that was shot in the spine when he was a stray dog in Kuwait. Sadly, this sort of horrible thing is common practice over there. Eloy is making great progress with his physio. He's slowly gaining strength in his back legs. He's arrived to Montreal from Kuwait to begin his new life here and hopefully find a great forever home. Eloy is about 18 months old. He comes with his wheelchair. Eloy was admitted to IVH after a gunshot wound to the back which caused spinal damage. He had spinal surgery on the 2nd of December 2018 after which he is now undergoing rehabilitation sessions to try and improve his equilibrium and give him the best amount of autonomy as possible. At the moment there is an equilibrium deficit and motor ataxia in the hind legs. He is improving nicely. He has total control of defecation but with regards to urination he needs helps by gently pressing on the bladder in order to urinate. His ideal home would be one with a yard and possibly a pool and treadmill to help with his mobility.

Eloy is not comfortable with other animals, children or certain men he finds intimidating. He's a very sweet pooch who bonds quickly with his human once trust is earned but he is very insecure and anxious by nature. Living in a "normal" home is all new to him. He lived at the vet hospital until his arrival here.

Here is what Sophie wrote for him....

"My name is Eloy. I'm a 2 year old Border Collie mix and I'm a very deserving dog.
My story is sad, but I have a happy future ahead of me. All I need is that one home I can call mine.
I am what Sophie calls, a Kuwaiti refugee. If I had not fled to Canada, my life would be miserable forever.
Life is not easy for dogs like me in the Middle East. Our lives are in danger all the time – it is a constant battle just to make it through one more day in this crazy part of the world.
I am one of the hundreds of dogs, just thrown out on the streets or even born there. In my first year I struggled, but then someone thought it would be fun to shoot me and leave me there.
So I sustained an injury to my spine, the bullet caused paralysis in both my back legs.
One little thing; due to my injury, I have very little control of my bladder, so boy diapers are a must for now.
Thankfully, some good people rescued me, brought me to the vet where I was operated and did 3 months of physio.
I scoot around without my wheels, but when I'm in that wheelchair, I'm ready to go go go!
All that to say I'm looking for that one person to love me. I need work, patience and unconditional love. I will give it back to you for the rest of my life.
Do you have a nice park near you and a fenced in yard where we can take gentle walks together? That would be ideal for me!"

All the details you might need can be obtained by calling Sophie directly at (514) 804- 5052. Make sure to leave a detailed message please.
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