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Border Collie

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Border Collie
Feb 13, 2020
Male, 1 year, border collie X, 37 lbs

Levi will get your heart with his soulful, puppy eyes and adorable ears. His rescuers say he’s around 1 year old and a border collie cross. We see a bit of pit bull in his face and build.

Levi is a curious boy and wants to meet most humans and dogs we come across. He’s played well with all the dogs we’ve met so far. We don’t have any kids or cats or other dogs, so he hasn’t been tested with those yet. He hasn’t displayed any aggression with other dogs or people.

Levi is a high energy dog who still has a bit of puppy in him. Because he can be mouthy for attention and in play, we would recommend a house with older kids who know his boundaries. Levi is working on learning to not chew and nip. He will chew on most things if left unsupervised out of his kennel.

Levi is a great adventure dog and has come with us for snowshoe walks and cross country in the forest. He doesn’t seem fazed by the snow at all and loves being outside. We would recommend an active family to help him work off his energy.

Levi rarely barks but he has been finding his voice these last few days. He’s been well behaved in his kennel, although he will sometimes bark for attention. We are working on house training him, with great results so far.

Levi LOVES to eat and is very food motivated. He hasn’t shown any aggression while eating his meals, although he has become protective of his bone. We have been training him to sit and come with treats and he's a quick learner.

We are working on boundaries with Levi and he’s currently chilling in his kennel to decompress. We will keep Barcs updated with his progress. We, his current fosters, have been a bit soft with him and we are learning how to be more firm with his puppy antics.

Levi is incredibly lovable and will steal your heart.

Our rescue is called BARCS. We are a registered Non Profit.
Our Website is All our animals are posted on the website and updated often. If you would like to proceed we need an adoption application to be filled out. They can be found on our website. Once we receive your application, we will contact you to arrange a meeting with the pup you are interested in.
We look forward to hearing from you
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T2A 4B7
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