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Bull Terrier

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Bull Terrier
Nov 25, 2019

Name: MIA
Sex: Female
Age: 1 year old
Breed: Bulldog x (possible pitbull in the mix)

$350.00 adoption fee includes:
Distemper/Parvovirus Vaccines
Rabies vaccine, Dewormed
Spay/Neuter with Tattoo & 6 week trial of pet insurance

Mia is ready for adoption and we are looking for a BSL free area furrever home! We will not be adopting her to anyone where the pitbull breed is banned due to the potential being in her.

Mia has come such a long way since coming into rescue on August 9, 2019.

Mia is a sweet girl with a very giant heart. When Mia first came into rescue she had to learn humans were ok and that she could trust us. She has finally learned that the human touch is not a scary thing and doesn’t flinch every time she is touched/pet. Some humans still scare her and she lets you know by giving a bark, but has so far eventually settled and warms up. Treats and/or food makes her pay attention and will sit and wait to shake a paw at breakfast/supper time without you even asking.

Whoever is the lucky adopters of Mia will need to purchase and use a slow feeder bowl and to continue to work with her to know she will never go hungry again.

Mia has been amazing on a leash but now the braver she is getting with her surroundings she is having to be corrected from pulling a bit here and there.

Mia has never been around young kids and with her higher energy I’d be worried she’d knock them over. Kids 10+ and dog savvy should be just fine as she can be a bull in a china shop and still occasionally puppy nips. She’d love a human companion who will throw the ball for her for hours. “Keep away” can also be her favourite game sometimes so you’ll need a 2nd ball if she won’t give up the first. Squeaky toys are her absolute favourite and loves to play tug with both the mastiff and chihuahua fosters.

Her adoptive parents will have to continue to teach Mia basic manners and will have to remain top dog and introduce her to new situations as well.

Mia is currently fostered with a mastiff x and a chihuahua x and does amazing. She has more energy than her foster siblings so has learned that “go lay on your bed” means quiet and relax time. She will need slow introductions to any fur sibling she will potentially be living with as she isn’t the best yet at knowing how to greet other dogs on or off the leash so a more submissive dog would be best. It doesn’t take her long to know her roll within a pack but will need to be shown she isn’t the alpha and does amazing with a routine in place.

She is house and kennel trained and if you leave her kennel door open you can find her just relaxing in her kennel by herself quite often. She is kennelled during the work day but sleeps in the room on a dog bed with everyone at night time. Her foster leaves her out with both foster siblings for short periods and so far she’s been great. She’s left alone for longer periods with the mastiff more than with the chihuahua as they both like to pick on each other and sometimes play so hard it gets carried away until foster mom steps in.

She loves to curl up and chew bones and now doesn’t mind the foster dogs walking by or sharing the same dog bed.

Adoption Fee $350.00 (includes microchip)

Adoption also includes:  distemper/Parvo vaccines UTD, Deworming, Rabies Vaccine and Spay/Neuter mandatory at 6 months with tattoo and 6 weeks Pet insurance

PLEASE NOTE: Because we do not have a public shelter, an adoption application must be filled out in order to meet any of our animals available for adoption. No exceptions. Serious inquiries only.

* Please be advised we do not adopt out of Canada. Puppies younger than 6 months of age we do not adopt more than approx. 30-40 minutes outside Winnipeg.

Available for Adoption through Winnipeg Giant Breed Rescue
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R2G 1V8
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