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Jan 04, 2020
Joey came to us on August 31,.2019 from Chilliwack . he is approximately 6 years old.

We don't know what his history is, or who owned him before, but we can say from observing him, that he didn't seem to have a very love filled and happy life.

Joey was extremely underweight, weighing in at just about 4 lbs when he should really be a 6 or 7 lb dog. He's now just over 5 lbs and slowly gaining more weight. At least you can't see his ribs anymore. Joey requires 3 meals a day of a high calorie food until he reaches his optimal weight.

He was also infested with fleas when he arrived and had a bad rash from the flea bites. Joey also had multiple bite wounds all over his head and body from being attacked by other dogs..

Because he was so emaciated and flea ridden, we had blood work done to ensure that he is healthy. X-rays were also done..

Joey is a sweet love of a dog. He loves your affection, I believe he always had to fight for everything in his previous home.
There were too many dogs, and not enough love for him.

Joey is absolutely terrible with cats and should not live with any. He is also not good with children, he does not like fast movements and rough handling. Grabbing at Joey unpredictability, or threatening him in any manner, will trigger his fear, and he will try to defend himself.

He has been good with most of the other dogs here except the ones that are smaller than him, that move quickly & erratically. He should not live with dogs that are tiny or small dogs that are fearful.

He would prefer to be an only dog, or have a dog friend who he can get along with (he does get along with many of the other dogs here). He'd love a family who has lots of time to spend with him, and allows him to snuggle on the sofa and in bed.

Joey is NOT a dog who should be allowed off leash. He tends to stray far and get distracted, his recall isn't always great. He is also not a dog park kinda guy. He'd rather just be with his human and meet other dogs in a controlled manner.

Joey needs someone who is also willing teach him that marking inside isn't ok. Joey is a marker and I believe that's because of his upbringing, living with too many unfixed dogs all fighting for that top dog position when a female dog went into heat. He wears his belly bands like a champ!

He does go outside to potty and does potty outside everytime he goes out. His marking may be an easy fix once there aren't a whole lot of dogs to compete with .

Joey has been neutered but is awaiting his dental. He will be available for adoption once that has been completed, but we will accept applications now.

Joey's adoption fee will be $550. He will have had a full dental cleaning with extractions, neuter, microchip, vaccines, x-rays, deworming, flea treatment, and blood work.

To apply for Joey, please copy and paste the following link into your browser
British Columbia
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V5R 3B9
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