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Jan 06, 2020
Cisco was found abandoned and tied to a bus stop in Surrey. He was picked up by animal control and ended up in the municipal shelter. He did not do well there as his fear levels were so high. He is about 6 years old, 10 lbs..

He was taken out of the shelter by another rescue society and placed in foster care for 3 weeks. However he did not do well there, as the foster parent didn't understand that Cisco did not want to be forced to interact with humans. He just wasn't ready for that yet.

Cisco was transferred to our rescue. He was not forced to interact with us in any way until he was ready. We did not pick him up or pet him unless he came to us. Even then, we took things very slowly. Just a little pet, a second or two, then worked out way up to longer pet sessions.

This has worked so wonderfully for Cisco. Now he is so affectionate and loving. He loves to be pet (except when he's on his back, he will take tummy rubs only for a few seconds before his ptsd kicks in). He is fine being picked up and loves to give us plenty of kisses.

When he goes into a new home, his fear will return and his new human must understand that they cannot flood him or force him to interact. Just like we did. Until he is ready. If his new human is patient, kind, and understanding, Cisco will be your best loving friend forever..

Cisco should not live with children they are too unpredictable. He has been fine with cats and all the small dogs he has met and lived with. We have not tested him with large dogs yet.

He is house trained and potties outside. We have pee pads down in case we are out too long and he will use them if necessary.
He walks wonderfully on leash and should never be off leash and never taken to off leash dog parks. All interactions must be in a controlled environment. It only takes one thing to trigger his fear and he will bolt.

Cisco is not suitable for the first time dog owner. He requires a human that has the knowledge of fearful dogs and their body language.

His adoption fee is $395.
He has been neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, and has had his dental, deworming and flea treatment.
A home visit and adoption application is required.

If you are interested in adopting Cisco, please go to our website and submit the online adoption application. A home visit is also required.

Please copy and paste the following link into your web browser.
British Columbia
Postal Code
V5R 3B9
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