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Jan 08, 2020
If you're reading this profile, we're still accepting adoption applications for this dog:

Webster is a Canadian dog that found himself in a Canadian shelter, so we were happy to spring him and get him into a foster home.

Webster is a firecracker and is full of all sorts of awesome personality. His a good energy dog, so he'll need someone that is looking for a weekend adventurer or dog park buddy to get out there and enjoy what the world is offering.

Webster is currently living with 2 cats, and he's doing fine with them, but we think his life would be happier without. He's a bit mischievous and an attention hog, so would probably do best as an only pet in the home.

He's 3 years old and is 8-10 pounds (he came at 8 pounds, but his foster mom might be spoiling him a wee bit with treats).

He's a very alert little guy, so be prepared to pick him up some puzzle toys, to keep his mind active. He may not be the best candidate for a condo lifestyle, as he does bark at noises he hears in the hallway, but his foster mom says it's manageable with leaving a radio or tv on for him.

Foster Mom Feedback:

He’s got a strong personality and a bit of attitude but he’s a pretty great little guy.

I feel like this dude is at 99% awesomeness. Barking is being well managed. He has to work on relating to the cats. If it’s a one or less cat house he’s going to be fine. He does get jealous when I pet my cats.

Toy/food aggression is fine. He doesn’t care about his toy most of the time or his meals. Treats of super high value, like a bone, he may challenge his human, but if they just leave him, it's fine.

Any quirky behaviours he has, are manageable with common sense in my opinion.

He's a really great dog.


To note: the above description is relevant to this dog in his current setting. Home changes & adopter personalities can bring out different behaviours not previously seen.

We do not kid test our dogs. That just wouldn't be fair to the dog or child.

We also do not claim, endorse, suggest or hint at, that any of our dogs are hypoallergenic, low shed or no-shed.

Adoption fee includes: spay/neuter, deworming, defleaing, vaccinations including bordetella, nose to tail health exam, leash|collar, 4dx snap test blood work, 6 months of preventative based on season/need, DNA test for entertainment purposes.
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M1N 1N4
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