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German Shepherd Dog

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German Shepherd Dog
Jan 06, 2020
Rambo is a very handsome, approximately 7 year old German shepherd, who was surrendered to RAPS. We are now on the hunt for a furever home for Rambo. His former foster mom has lots of great things to say about him…

Rambo is a very intelligent boy who absolutely loves to play and go for big walks but also loves lounging around outside too! He particularly enjoys laying outside in the grass and just hanging out. Rambo’s foster mom says that he would spend the whole day out in the yard if he could! She notes that he is a very gentle boy and absolutely loves to cuddle – especially his daily snuggle right before bed time. His best friend is a stuffed pig and he always has the pig with him no matter if he is awake or asleep.

Rambo is beyond polite in the home and keeps his nose out of everything! He never chews, digs around or gets into trouble. Rambo is content to just hang out but his foster mom says “just don't expect any privacy in the bathroom!”
Rambo does require ongoing work with his walks and socialization, as he does get very stimulated by seeing other active and loud dogs. He can become reactive when he senses high energy from another dog. He feeds off of other dogs and doesn’t know how to control his energy sometimes, so he needs someone who can be committed to working with him. He requires lots of attention and commitment, but we promise it is SO worth it because he has made significant improvements in his foster home already. Rambo needs a leader who can show him how to be a confident and calm dog and provide him with lots of mental and physical stimulation. Rambo loves to “work” and will be very happy to learn!

Rambo’s ideal home is one with some property where he can play to his heart’s content. He would love living in a more quiet neighbourhood or even a rural/farm environment. We believe he would thrive being away from the hustle and bustle of the city. That being said, with a committed and patient adopter/family, we think that Rambo can still do very well living in the city provided his new family is dedicated to ongoing training and consistency.

We are currently accepting applications for Rambo and setting up Meet & Greets.

For any other information or if you are interested in Rambo please call our shelter at 604-275-2036 to set up a Meet and Greet appointment.
British Columbia
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V7A 4E9
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