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German Shepherd Dog

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German Shepherd Dog
Feb 13, 2020
Name: Trip
Breed: German Shepherd X
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: October 2017
Status: Available for Adoption

Trip came into rescue as a transfer from a shelter. He was not handling shelter/kennel life well and was displaying some concerning behaviours. Trip spent the first year of his life as a "guard dog". He was chained on a short chain and lived in a garage in his own waste. He was also mistreated. Trip never had the opportunity to learn how to interact appropriately in the world so has some behaviour challenges, but overall he has a lot of potential! Trip is intelligent and will learn quickly with someone willing and able to put in the time with him. He requires an experienced handler. He would be best suited to a rural home (town/city life would be overstimulating for him), where he will receive ample exercise and be treated as a loved family member while receiving consistent training and boundaries using positive reinforcement methods. Trip would thrive best in a situation where he didn't have to interact with new people constantly and introductions to new people, and Trip's environment, need to be carefully managed to set Trip up for success. An adult only home is needed. He would benefit greatly from training sessions with a trainer that uses positive methods only. Kat's Kritters Rescue will contribute up to $100 towards training once Trip finds a home. Trip really is a giant puppy at heart and is just confused about how to behave in various situations. Some guidance and patience will go far! He loves to play! He also craves affection once he trusts you and is so eager to interact with those he trusts. Trip enjoys other dogs and would love a playful, easy going dog friend. Trip may need some extra time and attention, but he is a young, smart, loyal dog that has so much to offer to the right person or family.

Please review the adoption process at prior to submitting an application. Email with any questions.
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R0G 0Y0
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