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Dec 07, 2019
PLEASE NOTE this is a courtesy listing and the dog is not located with MLDHS. As we have not met this dog we cannot answer questions about the dog. Please contact owner directly at the contact information listed below.

Silver, male, seven years old, a strong silent type. Brother to Shiraz (Pictured with him in photo 2)

Owner relocating north above the tree line for employment and seeks good "fur-ever" homes for his dogs. Sadly, his new employment situation makes continued ownership of the dogs extremely difficult, and he had concluded that the best option is to find new loving owners for his dogs.

The dogs have lived together for years but can be re-homed individually. Each will benefit from the individualized attention that a loving owner can bring to the situation.

All are husky-mix dogs, ranging in age from three to nine years of age. The majority are seven years old, all siblings from an unexpected litter. The nine year olds are the parents, and the three year olds are adopted rescues that joined the pack two years ago. All living together peacefully in the boreal forest of northern Saskatchewan. Formerly in La Ronge, the dogs are now living near Meadow Lake, as they await their new, fur-ever homes.

All these dogs to be rehomed are house trained to some degree. As for children, Dogs have never displayed aggression towards humans but caution should be taken as the dogs have lived in isolation in the forest without much socialization with humans other than their owner." As for other animals, As a northern husky mix, these dogs can have strong prey instinct and caution should be taken when the dog is in close proximity to other pets and small animals.

Each dog is neutered, chipped, and current with all inoculations, including rabies. Each dog is eager to please and will certainly be a good companion. Please note, however, as a northern outdoor husky mix, the dog has a desire to roam, strong prey instinct, and some anxiety around unknown people or strange dogs. 

For more specific details, please contact owner.
Tel. (306) 420-4443
Meadow Lake
Postal Code
S0M 1V0
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