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Jan 08, 2020
If you are reading this profile, we are still accepting adoption applications.

Fernie is a 7-week old puppy (born November 18, 2019) that was born in northern Canada where many dogs and puppies are left to live outside and endure harsh winters.

Fernie is just a baby, so her personality is just beginning to emerge. She's working on housetraining, so will need an adopter that is patient and is home to ensure he continues progressing with his housetraining efforts.

Fernie is a pup, so she likes to chew ... a lot. She's also not a fan of being alone right now. She's just a baby and she's just recently left her littermates and Mom.

Fernie has received her first round of puppy vaccines and 2nd dewormer, and has 2 more rounds of vaccines to go, so we are also looking for an adopter that is accessible to take Fernie to her vet appointments a few more times at our rescue vet in the east end of Toronto.

Fernie will also be spayed in February 2020

Fernie is currently about 10 pounds so we expect her to be a medium to large size dog - 50 pounds maybe. However, we can never be sure of adult dog size, as we only guess at the breeds in our rescue pups.

It's important that Fernie's adopter enroll her in puppy training classes as soon as she hits 3 months and receives her rabies vaccine, so she can grow up being the best version of herself.

Puppies are A LOT of work. They are up through the night. There will be potty accidents. There are veterinary visits. There will be socialization and professional training required. But in exchange, you get a dog with basically a blank slate.

Are you up to the task?


Fernie is energetic and playful but loves cuddles and running to give kisses when someone comes into the room. And has beautiful green eyes

ADOPTION FEE INCLUDES: spay/neuter, multiple deworming, defleaing, core vaccinations & boosters including rabies at 3 months, nose to tail health exams, 6 months of preventative (depending on season and need), leash|collar & DNA test [Canine Breed Identification Test], puppy food to go home.
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