Labrador Retriever

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Labrador Retriever
Oct 15, 2019
Lab mix | 1 year | Male | 50 lbs | International dog from Iran
*MARS sponsored dog - all vetting paid for by the amazing MARS Petcare! #abetterworldforpets

Temperament: Affectionate, cautious, sweetheart.
Activity level: High energy in short bursts. Loves his walks and likes short play sessions. Most other times he’s a couch potato.
Vetting: Vaccinated (core vaccines); 4dx bloodwork negative for heartworm & three tick borne diseases (Ehrlichia/Anaplasma and Lyme); fecal (negative), dewormed; flea/tick/heartworm prevention given; neutered, microchipped, 2 Leishmania tests completed and both negative.
Housebroken: Yes. Can hold for 8+ hours but has accidents when anxious.
Good with dogs: Will stop & check out passing dogs on walks but barks & growls if they get too close or look at him funny. Lived with another dog in Iran.
Good with cats: No, barks and growls when they get close.
Good with children: Unsure/not tested. Needs proper introductions.
Prey drive: Yes! Barks, growls and/or lunges at squirrels.
Separation anxiety: None
Crate trained: No, but not necessary. Not destructive. Has been staying in the kitchen with doors shut on either side while his foster parent is out of the house.
Resource guarding: None observed.
Barky/noisy: He’s very vocal! He will bark under his breath at most unusual noises or movements. He barks back at other dogs in the backyard. He barks to be let out. He barks in the morning to any activity outside. He barks when he gets really into a play session. Single family homes are a must!!!
Leash etiquette: Working on it. Walks well when there are few distractions. Pulls towards birds and squirrels. When he’s nervous he’ll get all tangled in your legs trying to avoid the person/dog/skateboard etc. This boy cannot walk in a straight line!!! Doesn’t yet understand how sidewalks work. Doesn’t mind traffic and general noise, but cowers when there are big crowds of people or loud, sudden noises.
Transportation: Gets in car easily, no trouble during travel. Public transportation is likely too stimulating and do not recommend.
*Oliver\'s bio may change as we get to know him better.

Welcome Oliver, newly arrived to Canada! Oliver\'s journey and arrival was very difficult so he’s adjusting to his new foster home slowly; underneath the stress is an amazing dog just waiting for the right forever family to help him feel safe and comfortable!

Oliver is cautious - about people, about food, about places. He’ll make a wonderful addition to a family but needs slow and patient introductions. While we expect he can warm up to most people with time, Oliver can be particular about which humans he likes. Some he will approach with no problem and others he needs time to adjust to. When he’s stressed he likes to be near the person he’s most comfortable with. He was extremely fearful of his fosters when they first took him home, but now he’s a stage 4 clinger!

Oliver loves a long quiet walk outside. He responds well to commands although is still working on learning certain things. Training with a professional could help him brush up and overcome his fears and anxiety. He smells everything before he eats it and is cautious when trying new food.

Oliver would do well with a family that has solid roots in one place with no big changes on the way, a quiet and calm environment filled with love, patience and attention to bring out the incredible dog inside. If this is you, apply to adopt Oliver at
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