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Sep 24, 2019

Weight/Size: 16.3 lbs

Personality: Oh what a sweet soul our Hoo is! Hoo has made slow positive progress in learning about life as a family indoor home dog. She was very timid and fearful little lady. When she first arrived in our care she was reactive out of fear and she was not comfortable with touch. She is now allowing touch without reactive behaviour and can be picked up when needed. Hoo does tend to hide her face when you pet her. Hoo had done well at the vet when she is given time and things are done at a slow pace. She also recently had a grooming including nails and did fantastic. It is a matter of giving her time and understanding that confidence and trust takes an extended time, not days, to build with this beautiful little lady.

Hoo has loved this summer and camping life! She saw her first deer recently and oh she did want to give chase but was able to stay safe with her foster mom.

Her foster mom says Hoo is awesome but still will need an adopter who is patient and gives her time and consistency and will enjoy the process of seeing Hoo learn to love and trust. Hoo is such a beautiful heart and will be an amazing forever dog and best friend!

Apartment/House Living: Hoo has been a very high flight risk. She would not do well outside of a secure fenced yard without ensuring that her leashes and harness are very secure. This is improving but we humans can never let our guard down with Hoo that she might not run if given the chance. Thus, she must have a home with a secure fenced yard. Hoo has poor recall skills and cannot be off leash setting outside of a secure fenced yard. Having said all of this, she is improving so much. She cannot be trusted off leash and that may be a forever thing but she is doing great on leash and outside of the fence environment more and more.

Leash Training/Outdoor Walks: Hoo is going for leash walks and is doing well. She loves lake life, camping and exploring nature with her humans.

?City Life: Hoo is not suited to loud/high traffic areas.

Children: At this time we would suggest Hoo is not suited to a home with children. While she is improving, it will take months or longer for her to gain trust and comfort sufficient to be with children. When she is with kids they need to be supervised, older children who are dog savy and do not push any contact with her.

?Dogs and Cats: Hoo is good with dogs and would be happy to snuggle with another dog. With meeting new dogs on walks/in the vet clinic etc she could be growly but on her last visit to the groomers she walked right past and ignored other dogs. She is learning. Hoo has a cat in her foster home and does well with the cat and dog in the home.

House/Pee Pad Training: Hoo is doing great on her house training and goes outdoors.

?Stairs: Hoo can use stairs.

??Travel: Hoo is a senior dog and is not recommended for travel requiring kennelling. Hoo does not love car rides and will whine alot but this too is slowly improving.

?Health: Hoo has had senior blood panel, 4DX testing and deworming. She has been found to have hypothyroidism which is being treated by medication with one pill per day (approx $30/month) She is stable but a recheck of blood work in October 2019 has been recommended by our vet to ensure she remains stable. One of the effects of hypothyroidism can be more reactive behaviour. When Hoo came to us a combination, we believe, of untreated hypothyroidism and the huge change in her life caused her to be rather fearful and reactive. Since the meds have been stable, she has not been reactive and has handled grooming and vetting and is now doing incredibly well at building her confidence and letting her fears ease and her trust is blossoming. It is a beautiful change in her personality as the one simple pill to settle the hypothyroidism has helped so much.

She has been spayed, dewormed and is otherwise in good health. She has been successfully treated for ear infection and UTI. She also has moderate tartar build up on her teeth. It is recommended that she begin a regime of good dental hygiene at home. Her new owners may wish to do a veterinary thorough dental cleaning in the next year to prevent a progression of dental disease.

?History: Hoo is an owner breeder surrender who has been retired from breeding.

Hoo\'s adoption fee is $200.00.

??To apply to adopt a dog from our rescue, please download the application from our website at or email us at and we will send you an application. Please also visit our facebook page for more information about our rescue.
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