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Jan 15, 2020
Last Update: January 12, 2020

Weight: 10.36 lbs

Dukes Forever Home Requirements:

- lots of love and attention

- a secure fully fenced yard

- patience as he is still learning house training

- a gentle well trained dog companion who can be his playmate

Personality: Duke is absolutely beautiful in every way possible. Duke is very curious and loves a good "puzzle" like how to get out of his cone after his surgery! We have nicknamed him Houdini for his fun antics! He is shy and a bit skiddish at times but is slowly becoming more confident. He absolutely loves cuddles once he has gotten to know you. He is funny and playful and gets so excited and happy when you come home from work! Duke does well at entertaining himself and having fun with toys and puzzles when you are not available.

Dogs/cats: Duke gets along well with other dogs. In particular, he loves playing with Meg a very well trained confident German Shepard who is a mama to all the foster dogs in her home and helps them learn good doggie manners. Meg is teaching Duke so much and he loves her. He will give a little growl when another dog in the home gets in his face but this is completely appropriate and is a way of saying "space please".

Home/condo living: We are seeking an adoptive home with a secure fenced yard.

Children: Duke is fine with older dog savvy children who understand fast movements and loud noises will scare him and would be willing to help him learn confidence and trust. Ideally over 10 yrs of age.

Pee pad/ outdoor training: Duke is working on his house training but is not fully trained. You need to be available to watch his cues, take him outside and work on his training. Duke hates going outside in the cold which is slowing his training progress a bit.

Travel: Duke did well on the car ride and would be fine travelling by car. We would absolutely not recommend Duke to be a traveller where kenneling is required as the kennel is a stressor for Duke.

Health: Duke is a clinically healthy dog. He has been neutered, had his lyme/heartworm testing, been dewormed and has undergone standard blood work analysis as well. He will benefit from regular dental care at home but has no need for dental surgery at this time and none is predicted to be needed in the next year.

History: Duke is an owner-breeder surrender

To apply to adopt a dog from our rescue, please download the application from our website ( or you may email us at to have an application emailed to you. Please also visit or our facebook page for more about our organization and the dogs in our care.
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R2Y 1X3
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