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Reference Number
Feb 13, 2020
Last Update: January 6, 2020

Breed: Pomeranian/Bichon X

Weight: 12.34 lbs

Lili's Ideal Home:

Lili will be best in a home where there is an adult who is "stay at home" or is away from home for work for relatively short periods of time. She also requires a home with another dog who is a calm, confident well adjusted social dog but not one that would expect her to be a playmate as she is not a playmate dog.

Personality: Lili is a very gentle sweet timid little lady. She wants to be loved so badly but is still wary of accepting it. She needs time and patience to help her gain confidence and trust in you. She loves cuddly beds and blankets and finds great comfort in them. She is still working to build her bonds with humans and the extent to which this will happen will take time - months at the least.

Lili loves food and will eat everyone's food if she has opportunity! Her foster mom says of Lili.... "I love her spirit".

When we got Lili in November she was not ready to be held a lot by strangers but she attended for a brief time the Santa photo event only 3 weeks later and what joy it was to hold her. She took a moment and was a bit shaking and then she just snuggled into my arms... for a brief time. This is Lili ... give her patience and time and she is brave and beautiful and going to be an amazing addition to your life.

Stairs/walks: Lili hasn't started walking on leash yet. She tends to "bolt" and run when given an opportunity and is quite difficult to catch so when she starts leash training it will be double harnesses and leashes to ensure her safety while she builds her confidence. Lili does not have recall skills.

Dogs/cats: Lili loves being with another dog - she loves cuddling with Esme and Daisy (adopted dogs and former Cupcakes) who are all in the same home right now and forming the "mature ladies club". She finds great comfort in having a doggie companion. We are seeking a home for Lili where there is a calm, confident, well adjusted social dog to be a good companion and role model for her.

Home/condo living: Lili would be best suited to a home with a secure fenced yard. She is not ready for going outside on leash to do her business thus needs a secure place to do her potty business.

Children: Lili has been exposed to a young toddler and does very well. Having said this, the toddler is a very gentle quiet child. Lili would not do well with a home that has active rambunctious children. She also does not do well with "forced interaction". Kids often want to interact and Lili is not a dog you can "win over" through pushing her. We are seeking a home for her where resident children are all over the age of 12 and are dog savvy and not seeking a dog to be their playmate as this is not Lili.

Pee pad/ outdoor training: Lili is doing very well at learning to go outside to do her business.

Travel: Lili gets a bit car sick at first but settled into the car ride very well. She needs to be in a kennel during travel due to the car sickness but this is a bit of a double edge for her because the kennel tends to set her back in terms of trust and confidence. Lili does not view any kind of kennel/space restraints as a good thing and reacts in fear.

Health: Lili has seen our veterinary care team and is a clinically healthy dog. She has had her vaccinations. Lili has been spayed, dewormed and is up to date on vaccinations. Lili tested negative for heartworm and tic born illnesses and her blood work was good (some stress indicators but those were normal for the circumstances of a vet visit/new intake). She has some mild tartar build up and will benefit from good dental care at home and a cleaning in the next 12-18 months will likely be needed.

Lili's body mass index is on the slightly low side and she could gain approx. 1 pound to get within a more healthy range. Given how much she loves food, we don't see this as an issue but her adopters will have to watch that she does not go to far over to an unhealthy range for body mass.

History: Lili is an owner-breeder surrender.

To apply to adopt a dog from our rescue, please download the application from our website ( or you may email us at to have an application emailed to you. Please also visit or our facebook page for more about our organization and the dogs in our care.
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