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Feb 12, 2020
Quagmire is a ~14 year old 17 lbs Poodle mix who is currently looking for his fur-ever home. He is up to date on vaccines, dewormed, and neutered.

Rescued From: Los Angeles area.
Likes: Walks, Sleeping / Napping, Cuddles with his humans, Chewing on Fluffy Toys, Food! (especially dehydrated chicken or Royal Canine food).
Dislikes: Being picked up, playing with other dogs - he much prefers to grab his toy and chew it in a corner by himself. He has no issues being around other dogs, he just does not engage in play!
He does not like being nudged near his tail, gets uncomfortable and will let out low growls. This is why I recommend having him sleep on a dog bed beside you at night instead of on your bed so he is more comfortable and doesn't get woken up throughout the night.
He also does not like going to the vet very much and will get nervous.
Energy Level: Low.
Experience with Kids: Not recommended for younger children.
Experience with Cats: Unknown.
Ideal Home: Quiet home without children, where he can nap most of the day and go for a few strolls with his owners.
He does not have separation anxiety and does not react to other dogs. He will sleep the day away while you're at work.
Medical Notes: Left eye removed in Nov 2019
- Right eye limited / no visibility (this does not bother him, he gets around very easily)
- Luxating Patella (this does not bother him but he should not be jumping on and off furniture)
- Heart Murmur Stage 3
- Anal Glands need to be expressed every 2-3 weeks
- Neutered in Nov 2019
- Teeth removed on Nov 2019 and then another 2 removed in Jan 2020. He only has his lower canine teeth left
- Gains weight easily, food needs to be monitored and portioned.
Training Needs: Quagmire will take a while to warm up to strangers. He is protective in the home and sometimes will nip at strangers heels.
He is very well house trained, may mark at the beginning and will need supervision until he learns his environment. Food and cuddles are the way to his heart.
He walks very well on a leash, does not pull. He is left alone to roam during the day and loves to sleep on the couch, you will often find him in the same spot you left him. He does not enjoy crate.

Quagmire is such a special guy! He has been staying with my family for almost three months now. He will take a while to get warmed up to his new family, as he did with us when he first arrived here from California. Once he gets to know you as his human you'll see him excited to greet you when you're coming home from work and anytime he sees you touch his leash! lol. He's got the cutest nub for a tail that will wag right off! The remainder of the time he will be napping on your couch, chewing on fluffy toys and asking for cuddles.

As all of our dogs are currently in private foster homes if you would like more in-depth information about this dog, Please follow us on facebook at and attend our adoption events to meet our current adoptables and fill out an adoption application.

Fur-ever Homes Rescue is a registered Canadian Charity run entirely by volunteers and generous donations.
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T3E 7R3
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