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Jan 06, 2020
Hello everyone, my name is Hudson and I am a mature and energetic 11 year old Puggle. My previous owners had a change in family situation which resulted in me being placed with my current Foster Family. My Foster Family say that they are lucky to have me as I have great manners and love to spend time with them cuddling and giving kisses. As you may have guessed, I love meeting people and being around my family, I am a bit of a charmer. I am also very happy spending time with other dogs as shown by my love for my foster dog Brother (Puggle) and foster dog Sister (Basset Hound), though my foster dog sister is a little pushy. I enjoy spending time with them in the dog park; however, I seem to rub Huskies the wrong way. I am fairly active for my age and I really enjoy going for walks and hanging out in the back yard. Quite often I get a little excited and will get a good run on in the back yard. I am not interested in chasing other critters when I go for a walk but I love meeting people. I weigh about 35 lbs of well-built sexiness and enjoy eating my Signature brand Turkey Formula kibble, however, I am a little food driven so I pity anyone who leaves food out in the open or too close to the edge of the kitchen counter as this is usually free food for me. I have learned not to sit around the table when my foster family is eating dinner. I do not have any medical issues and am very active when outside and like to hangout when I am inside, don't mention this to my faster parents, but my foster brother is my favourite and I spend nights sleeping in his room and just hanging with him. When all my family are gone during the day I spend time in my dog crate and I have no problems with staying there for the whole work day if required. I mentioned that I like people, however, I am not totally comfortable around the wee folk, when children are in the house I usually avoid spending time with them but I can tolerate being around children.

Hudson is well suited for an adult family with older children. He travels well in the back seat of the car and loves visiting the dog park. His previous owner indicated that Hudson does not like cats; however, his foster parents have not been able to observe this. He is not interested in chasing cats when out on a walk. He enjoys regular walks and running around the back yard. He enjoys the run of the house with limitations and is very obedient and responsive when restricted to areas best suited for him. He is a sweet loving guy with a desire to be with his people and at ease in a relaxed environment.
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M6N 4R8
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