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Nov 21, 2019
WARNING : Despite her beauty and her adorable puppy like look, Violette isn’t our typical family dog. If you send us an adoption form and don’t have the characterics we are looking for or sufficient experience in canine behavior, we prefer to warn you now that a negative response from our part will be received.
For Violette, Golden mix female of 4 years old, we are looking for a specific kind of adoptant. Forget easy and boring with her; the "Violette project" will satisfy the most tenacious amateurs! Our beauty is full of challenges, but also has incredible learning ability. When working, she is indeed surprising to watch. There are dogs that need to learn and be constantly stimulated; Violette is one of them. Luckily, her appetite will help you teach her all the circus and magic tricks possible (and impossible!). We are looking for a stable and active family, without young children with sufficient experience in canine behavior. Indeed, Violette is very difficult to read, even for experienced people. Unlike most dogs, it's in subtility that Violette will tell you about her discomfort in certain situations. Two key words with Violette: ROUTINE and CONSTANCE. The newness making her nervous, the implementation of a strict routine will be necessary for her well-being. Anxiety is part of his daily life, a daily medication is now administered to help her be well in her body and in her head. A family who understands that environmental management is essential in cases of anxiety to minimize stimuli would be appropriate. In her daily routine in a controlled environment, Vipot (her nickname) is a good girl who just wants to become your accomplice. Beyond an energy expenditure necessary for any dog, the physical and mental activity allows Violette to evacuate her stress. Walking and swimming are activities she particularly likes.

Because of her high reactivity, Violette CAN NOT be in contact with cats or other dogs. Ideally, she would be good in rural areas, quiet with her parent. She does not seem to have problems with big animals. Her daily life is shared between her cozy cage, her enclosure and her playing time with her host family with whom she has developped a very strong bond. Having a dog with behavior challenges can allow you to develop something magical with them! It's really nice to see them evolve ... and it could be with you! Despite the things to work, Violette is a dog that attaches quickly, affectionately with her master and who knows how to charm you. An iron hand (in a velvet glove obviously!) Is required with her to not be too charmed by her beautiful eyes and let go of the discipline. Indeed, her great intelligence pushes her to always test the limits. In a strict framework with clear rules, Violette will be able to bloom in all peace of mind. Once the bond of trust and authority is established, cuddles and kisses will be an integral part of your daily life.
In short, Vipot is a dog full of challenges on which she has already worked a lot. Her journey is impressive and you only want to continue making her evolve. She has incredible potential. Would you believe it if we told you that unlike many, Violette is walking very well on a leash? The family who will welcome her in their life must be experienced and aware that routine and consistency will be the key to illuminate the future of the beautiful Violette. She is sterilized, treated against most parasites and her vaccines are up to date. The adoption fee for her is set at $ 350. To complete an adoption application, visit our website in the Adoption Process section:


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