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Oct 30, 2019
Rottweiler lovers, you can now relax because your search is over. You have found me, Hugo, the one you have been waiting for.

I’m a year and a half old puppy dog who ended up at the shelter because my owner didn’t want to put the time into me. I didn’t get the exercise I needed, the stimulation or the training. This has left craving attention. I want to be with you ALL THE TIME! So hope you like to play ‘cause I’m down for that any time.

I really would like a house with a backyard, where I can burn some of that energy off, and protect you from any squirrels who dare hop onto your land. Since I like to chase small animals though, we all agree cats are probably not a good idea in my home. Even with that backyard though, I still need (and like) my walks, where we can continue practicing walking on leash like I do with my foster dad these days. Speaking of practice, I will need training work to learn my basic manners. But I’m smart, give me the knowledge and I will learn.

I would be good with a dog sibling of my own, but would also be happy to have you all to myself. When I meet dogs I get super excited, but once they’re closer I get shy and need a minute to be sure they’re good company. Same with people, I can’t help but want to meet everybody when I’m out!

So, ready to make it official and end your search? Apply at now!
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