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Oct 03, 2019
Our rescues mean a lot to the vet staff and DunRoamin\' volunteers. We do everything we can to find the perfect homes for these pets, who are being given a second chance at a happy life. The application process requires pre-adoption applications, references, and interviews with you and those listed on your application in order to ensure a successful placement. If interested, please email a request for a pre-adopt application to

Deefer is a German Shepherd/Lab mix who was born about November 18, 2011. He came to us on November 18, 2015, from the Grand Falls area where no one could care for him.

Diefer is a very nice boy. He is happy to have company, doesn\'t seem to mind other dogs at all, walks well on a leash, knows some basic commands and loves people. He is very calm and pays close attention when spoken to.

Diefer returned to DunRoamin\' on May 21, 2019 from Florenceville where he had been adopted on December 5, 2015. He had originally come from Grand Falls on November 18, 2015 where, as a healthy dog, he had been brought to a shelter that had no room for him and our assistance was requested to make sure he had a chance at a good home. Diefer was born about November 18, 2011 and is a German Shepherd mixed breed.

Diefer was recently returned to DunRoamin\' due to some behavioural concerns, including at least one bite incident. Since his return, he has not demonstrated any aggression so we are going to work with him to give him a second chance at finding a new home. Given his history, we will be searching for an experienced home with no young children and someone who is willing to follow up with his required training and handling. We still strongly believe that he is a loving dog with a lot of potential.

Diefer is attentive, obedient and loves to be with humans. He happily returns to his kennel when requested and comes immediately when called. He loves to be patted and brushed. He knows some basic commands, is calm, quiet and loves people.
New Brunswick
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E7L 1Y8
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