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Jan 02, 2020
Joy and Ruby will be three months on January 4. They are 14 lbs. and we believe will be medium sized when fully grown.

They are energetic pups who love to play in our garden chasing one another. They both enjoy cuddles and are happy from about 8 p.m. in the evening to settle cuddling with their foster parents.

They are now virtually house trained with rare accidents. They sleep through the night in their kennel from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. They stay quiet and content in their kennel when their fosters are out of the house. They respond to “in” to go into their kennel (getting a treat each) and “sit”.

Ruby is the more dominant one and eats very quickly. Joy is a little m ore laid back; she happily eats more slowly in the kennel.

Their fosters have had several people visit during the past three weeks since they arrived and Ruby and Joy happily and confidently greet visitors. Christmas was spent with their fosters’ two younggrandchildren and a teenage grandchild with the pups revelling in the love and attention they received from the children.

The fosters have two rescue cats, both of whom have interacted with the pups with a very positive outcome. They travel well in carriers in the car, and to-date they are not ‘barkers’.

Since TAGS is a smaller volunteer program, we are limited to facilitating adoptions only within Durham Region in Ontario. We encourage those applicants who apply out of area to check your local shelters and rescue programs. We are always happy to refer you to a program in your area.
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