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Dec 17, 2019
Vivi is a 1 year old 7 lbs Terrier mix who is currently looking for her fur-ever home. She is up to date on vaccines, dewormed, and spayed.

Rescued from: Los Angeles area.
Likes: Vivi loves playing whether it be by herself or with other dogs. Vivi prefers smaller dogs to play with, although she would warm up quick to a passive bigger dog (must be careful due to her size). Vivi loves treats and will do just about anything for one (this is good because she rarely sits still).
Dislikes: Vivi isn’t too fond of bigger dogs and this actually was the first time I saw her scared. She sure warmed up quick to them though- mainly because they would just sit there and watch her play.
Ideal Home: Vivi would like an active family who is ready to play. At least one smaller playful fur friend as this would help burn off her energy. Vivi isn’t opposed to bigger dogs but they must not be too playful or rough as she is itty bitty.
Vivi likes to bark at the door if it makes noise. Detached home required. Vivi would also like a patient parent as she is just a young girl who is still learning how to potty. She has been good for going to the bathroom outside as long as you let her out every few hours.
Energy Level: High.
Experience with Kids: Unknown.
Experience with Cats: Unknown.
Medical Needs: None at this time.
Training Needs: Please be patient with Ms. Vivi she is still a puppy (just over a year) and needs basic training. She really loves treats though so maybe you can work out a deal with her.

Vivi is very playful and loves to play with other small dogs.
Vivi also loves toys. She also loves tennis balls- that you would think are too big for her mouth but she somehow manages to fit it in their anyways.
Vivi worries her human will get cold at night so she makes sure she is as close as possible to her human. She wouldn’t mind a human that will cuddle her back either.
?Do you think you can be the perfect home for this little girl? Vivi says she cannot wait to meet her potential parents.

As all of our dogs are currently in private foster homes if you would like more in-depth information about this dog, Please follow us on facebook at and attend our adoption events to meet our current adoptables and fill out an adoption application.

Fur-ever Homes Rescue is a registered Canadian Charity run entirely by volunteers and generous donations.
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T3E 7R3
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