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Guinea Pig

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Guinea Pig
Jan 04, 2020
UPDATE- whoopsy sometimes when your juggling lots of tasks you make typos!! Gastby's listing said he was not for adoption...but it is now corrected to he is NOW for adoption. Sorry for the mistake!!!
We just learned that Gatsby is going to be best as a single pig, he has two meets with other male guniea pigs and both went ok but not well enough for forever placement. We are now on the hunt for his bachelor forever home please!!!

This little dude was left at the front door of a 24 hour vet….Poor guy was probably so scared. Thankfully he’s landed safe and sound with us and is now looking for his FOREVER home.

Guineas are fun and entertaining little pets but sadly people do not commit to them for their life. They have a life expectancy of about 4- 8 years so please understand the commitment that goes into them. But you get so much fun back it is very much worth it. Gatsby does the best little binkie happy jumps, it’s too adorable. He is a cute and fun little dude but does need some work as he is a tad shy.
British Columbia
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V6A 3L8
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