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Holland Lop

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Holland Lop
Dec 17, 2019
Name: Mikah
Gender: Spayed Doe
Breed: Holland Lop Cross
Born: September 14, 2014
Intake Date: October 31, 2014

Meet Mikah, a very sweet little special needs rabbit who is looking for a home to suit her very specific needs.

Mikah was a transfer from Red Deer at another rescue who did not have space for her and her siblings. Her mother had been surrendered there after being dumped off by a petting zoo that was done business for the season and wanted to get rid of their 25 bunnies. Mikah was then born while with her foster there, while her mother was still nursing a previous litter.

Mikah began to develop rather severe cataracts at a very young age. They developed very quickly and soon began taking away her vision. We opted to take her to an eye specialist for care and it was decided the best thing for Mikah was to attempt to remove the cataract in her eye to relieve the pressure from the cataract as well as hopefully save her vision.

We did the surgery in her right eye, the one that was worse off, and discovered the cataract had actually opened at the back of it and was releasing debris in to other parts of her eye and causing chronic inflammation, making the risk of glaucoma quite high. The surgery went well and all the debris was removed, she came out of the surgery able to see again. Unfortunately, as her eye healed, the scarring was worse then originally anticipated causing a tightening of the retina and eventually, a tear which took away her vision in that eye once more. She is now blind in her right eye and only able to see shapes and light through her left.

The surgery did dramatically reduce the risk for glaucoma and other problems from developing in her right eye, but she is on eye drops for life in her left eye. Right now she receives anti-inflammatory drops a number of times a week to prevent the cataract in the remaining eye from worsening and to help prevent glaucoma from developing. She is likely to be quite a costly little bun though, with her routine care and potential future surgeries, so that is something her future home will need to keep in mind.

Mikah also has a history of being extreme sensitive in the digestive tract and has had a few scares of very sudden, very severe bouts of gas and gi stasis that require immediate veterinary attention. Thus she isn’t well suited in a home where people are gone for long period of time, as even a matter of hours in these cases can make all the difference.

She does have some very costly needs, so that is also something that needs to be taken in to consideration for her. She is a special needs rabbit in more ways than just one.

Despite not having much for vision, she is a very sweet girl who enjoys people, although she is quite timid when it comes to loud noises and fast movement, so she would not be a good bun for children. She would likely be a good bunny for bonding.
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T2W 3P8
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