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Mini Lop

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Mini Lop
Dec 17, 2019
Name: Kuma
Gender: Neutered Male
Breed: Lop
Age: Adult
Intake Date: May 5, 2019
Kuma came to us as a stray that we had found was hiding under a shed in someone’s back yard. He was quite poorly off, suffering from some matting, an upper respiratory infection and had been in a scrap with what appeared to be a cat. He was extremely scared, understandably. However, with medication and time he has come around extremely well, his infection is cleared and he is ready for his new home!

When he had his Upper respiratory infection we did have a culture done to ensure he was getting the proper antibiotics for his infection and the results came back Pasteurella. It is a bacteria that a lot of rabbits carry and becomes a problem when the immune system is compromised and it can manifest in a number of ways. It is also something that cannot be eliminated from the system, but the symptoms can be suppressed when they flare up through medication. Kuma is now all clear of his URI but because of the bacteria that caused it, it is something that has the potential to flare up again should he go through stress like that. We are hoping, however, now that he’s in much healthier shape and inside where he’s safe, receiving good nutrition and not being attacked by other animals, that he won’t have further problems.

Other than this, Kuma is a pretty well adjusted rabbit! He’s a sweet boy where once he warms up to you he is very curious and loving, adores getting head rubs. Once he is neutered he will be ready for his new home!
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T2W 3P8
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