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New Zealand
Dec 17, 2019
Shiro was a dump at Nose Hill Offleash dog park in the parking lot with some other rabbits. Unfortunately sandwiched between the numerous dangers of wildlife in the park, off leash dogs and a very fast moving road, he became very fearful and timid as a result.

When we got him home, I had never seen a rabbit behave quite the way he did. He was undoubtedly terrified of pretty much everything, but instead of bolting or trying to hide, he just sat in one spot. Seemingly too afraid to move. The first day he was here, I wasn't convinced he was moving at all, to the point I set up a security camera aimed at him to see how he reacted when we weren't around. Thankfully when he didn't hear or see people, he did relax and do normal bunny things, but the second there was a person anywhere even a room away, it was back to completely frozen.

We took things very slow. It took days before he slowly started turning his head to look at us when we would walk around him and he would still completely freeze whenever hands came anywhere around or when we picked him up.

The one benefit we had to our advantage is once he realized what treats were and he settled a little, he proved to be *very* food motivated. Once he realized we could hand feed him treats, that was a big turning point for him. It wasn't that long at all before he was coming over for treats and tolerating head petting while eating them.

Now, he's a completely different rabbit from the one who arrived here. He still has some work in getting him comfortable with people, but he's an extremely sweet boy with not a mean bone in his body. He's realized he actually quite likes head rubs and will sit for them, although you can tell he's still very alert and wary. In the right home, however, I truly feel he will flourish in to a fantastic companion.
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T2W 3P8
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