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Jan 14, 2020
These four wonderful boys are Pistachio, Piccadilly, Paprika, and Plop-Plop.

Pistachio (the top-eared boy) is always full of energy and ready to play. He loves running around with his friends and play wrestling.

Picadilly (the one with the white spot on his head) is the sweetest of the bunch and can always be found snuggling with one of his brothers during nap time.

Paprika (one of the dumbos) is a curious boy and will always inspect your hands when you reach in the cage. He has a strong grip and will try and (gently) pull you in as if to welcome you to join them.

Plop-Plop (the dumbo with more prominent eyebrows) is the food lover in the group. Nothing excites him more than treats and he seems to always be happy and content.

All four adore people and can't contain their excitement whenever someone walks by their cage. They love attention and are happy to ride on shoulders or run around and climb all over during playtime.

These four are quite bright also and already starting to learn to return to their carrier when they need to use the bathroom. Although there are a few accidents occasionally, they pick things up extremely quickly and all seem like fast learners. Some of their favourite pastimes include climbing up high, redecorating their cages and moving cardboard boxes around, and splashing around in water dishes.

If you're interested in adopting Pistachio, Piccadilly, Paprika, and Plop-Plop, or any of the other rats we have for adoption, please email the SARSBC rat team at:

Please use, because the normal email account on the SARSBC adoption webpage may not be working properly right now.

You can view the SARS adoption policies and download our application form here:, or any of the other rats we have for adoption, please email the SARSBC rat team at:
British Columbia
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V3N 2B9
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