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Feb 12, 2020
Meet Mint and Peppercorn!

Mint and Peppercorn are both very sweet, curious and playful boys. These brothers were born in rescue in August 2018.

Mint (the one with more white fur) is the braver and more outgoing of the two and more likely to come and investigate what you're doing. Peppercorn is a bit shyer but enjoys getting pets once he begins to trust you. Mint had some aggression issues in the past and was subsequently neutered to help address hormonal issues. He has since become a much calmer, happy and loving boy. He will still occasionally nip if he is startled or if you reach for him in his cage too suddenly, so he would be better suited in a home with no young children and more experienced rat owners who are willing to be patient and give the boys the time to get to know them.

They have become very at ease with their current foster parents and will hang out with them on the couch while they watch tv. They are incredibly curious and will hop around, sniff everything, and climb all over their foster parents during their play time. When their foster parents speak to them, they listen intently and will often start bruxing and boggling if they approve of their story.

Their absolute favorite things are their cuddle sack, their hammocks and the middle of cucumber slices (since they are spoiled now and will often discard the icky skin). No matter what they're doing they will always be happy to climb into their cuddle sack to snooze, cuddle or hitch a ride back to their cage. Mint and Peppercorn are also working on getting litter box trained and will get most of their poops in their litter boxes (with a few stray poops when they get lazy... :P). They are very smart little guys!

These boys are getting braver and more loving every day, and are ready to find a place to call their furr-ever home!

Their adoption fee is $20.00.

If you are interested in meeting Peppercorn & Mint, please fill out the adoption application on our website:

Adoption fee includes:

* Health check upon entering rescue;
* Educational information booklet, including a list of rat savvy vets in Winnipeg;
* Ongoing access to our team for questions that may arise after adoption (for the life of the animal)
* 1 week worth of high quality rat kibble
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R3T 3C9
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