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Nov 18, 2019
We call this little Rex youngster King Taylor because he is so adorably regal!

He is currently learning the ways of being a good House Rabbit with one of our fabulous foster families, who report: “He is such a sweetheart and an easy to live with bunny who just likes to jump over and on top of stuff! He also loves to binky (a rabbit dance) and eat his fresh veggies.

He is very good at using his litterbox to both pee and poop and is not a big chewer, which makes it easy to just relax when he is roaming freely in the living room.

He is also a quiet nighttime roommate who will follow whatever schedule his family has. He is smart and comes running when called. He will also jump on the sofa with you if you invite him by saying, “Jump!”. In short, he is perfect.”

What more can you possibly ask for?! Taylor is a keeper for a lucky family that is ready to commit to loving and caring for him for the next 10+ years.

The adoption fee is $60. We follow the House Rabbit Society adoption policies. For everything you need to know about caring for a bunny, visit the House Rabbit Society web site at: We strongly encourage all prospective bunny adopters to pick up a copy of “The House Rabbit Handbook: how to live with an urban rabbit”, available from most online sellers (e.g. Amazon) as well at our shelter.
British Columbia
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V6S 2M8
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